Discovery Time #6: Sardines

Yet another great Discovery Time from Dan, this time taking inspiration from Remus & Kiki to make his own cel animation.

headshot of Dan
By Dan
Posted 16/03/2021
GIG Concepts #1 - Superhero Comic Book Strip 01

Superhero Comic

The first of our GIG Concepts series; we're kicking things off with comic book strip where the hero may not be the one you'd initially expect.

headshot of Ed
By Ed
Posted 26/02/2021
Stuff We Love - Super Girl

Super Girl

The Preschool Poets is a series of eight poems composed and performed by preschool-aged kids and interpreted into short films.

headshot of James
By James
Posted 23/02/2021
GIG Blog - Back To Normal

When Will We Be Back To Normal?

When will we be back to normal? The definitive question of 2021, whether you’re a homeschooling parent, a homebound professional, a wanderer with n...

headshot of Tim
By Tim
Posted 12/02/2021

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