Keeping It Simple

Halfway between character animation and infographics, here we’re taking a look at’s explainer video for the company Gympass. Firstly, we love the simplicity of every element. There’s no need to make an interface on the mobile device when the simple lines portray everything you need to know. The same applies to the background; why model details environments when a few choice objects give a sense of the surrounding world.

Have Fun With Text

If your content feels a little text-heavy, why not introduce some stylised typography that goes beyond. Here we have two simple words; in the form of ‘mind’ and ‘body’. However, you can see that they’ve been made up of various objects and items that speak volumes to the audience. We’re telling a story within a story and allowing viewers to gain a deeper understanding of what mind and body can mean to them.

Gympass - Fun Type

Could This Help You?

If you think your healthcare marketing could benefit from similar storytelling, why not look at our recent Cholangiocarcinoma Awareness project.

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