What Is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short film or animation created to communicate how a product or process works in a simple and easy to understand manner. 

They are commonly found in marketing materials designed to demonstrate the benefits of a product or service. However, they can also effectively break complex information into digestible bitesize pieces, especially for audiences who absorb video content better than written instructions.

So, could an explainer video help you? Here we’re looking at five reasons to use explainer videos in your healthcare marketing and how they help your content leave a memorable impression.

1. Disseminating Complex Information

Whether it’s a medical device, a complex new treatment or a series of MOA animations, explainer videos are highly effective in showing patients or HCPS how and why a device or therapy can help. They allow a subject to be covered engagingly whilst catering for an audience that is increasingly low on time.

Below is an example of how we created an explainer video for Kaleido’s insulin pump.

The clear and visual instructions on how to use and maintain the device gave customers confidence in using a new product, therefore increasing the patient experience and fulfilling the goal of growing a loyal and happy customer base.

2. Enrich Your FAQs

No matter the content, there will always be some answers to questions better presented in video format, alongside their supporting information or data points. With the right presenter or voiceover, you can turn text-heavy instructions into a welcoming and easily digested library of video how-tos.

With 68% of internet users preferring to watch an explainer video rather than getting in touch with customer support, you’re missing a trick if you don’t provide your audience with this rich content.

Businesses can also utilise video rich snippets, dramatically boosting the chances of their common questions appearing higher in search engines than text-based websites.

How to inject insulin

3. Improve Your Internal Comms

With new equipment, treatments, processes and operating procedures being introduced regularly within the medical industry, it’s vital that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

By using explainer videos, you can cater for employees with very little time on their hands, keeping them up to speed on vital information without the need for lengthy internal memos or meetings.

4. Patients Deserve To Be Informed

It may sound obvious, but healthcare marketing needs to focus on making people’s lives happier and easier. With a patient facing a new diagnosis, they’re in dire need of help in readjusting their lives to their new medical and emotional surroundings. This is especially true with people facing lifelong conditions

Explainer videos work perfectly for just this occasion, providing an amazing resource for information patients and helping to dispel common fears or uninformed worries.

Below is an example of how we helped Cholangiocarcinoma patients to move forward with their lives once diagnosed with the disease.

5. Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Explainer videos that answer specific healthcare questions and subjects can be tagged and categorised by search engines, alongside useful keywords to help with your content marketing and SEO. If your audience finds this content useful, this will in turn will help boost your search engine rankings.

Having these videos on your website also helps, as Google calculates how long an average user spends on your site. If they’re watching your video content and spending an increased amount of time on your site, search engines algorithms will class your website as more interesting and helpful.

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