So fresh and so clean!

Using a clean, visual timeline, this month, James D took a look at a celebration of TIDE’s 75th anniversary, visually recounting the brand’s launch in 1946 and its many milestones.

Reinforcing The Brand

The creative studio behind the video utilised a bright and punchy colour palette, taken directly from Tide’s package design.

From skin tones to clothes, buildings to vehicles, every single asset has been carefully designed to subconsciously reinforce Tide’s brand image.

75 Years Of Tide - Branding

75 Years Of Tide - Palette

75 Years Of Tide - Hero Image

Connecting The Dots

Using a visual timeline is a sure-fire way of keeping your audience’s attention whilst telling your brand story. In this case, the creators chose to bring a pinboard to life, literally connecting each milestone in Tide’s 75 years of business.

It’s such a simple yet effective way of taking the audience on a journey and allows the animators to portray a passage of time without the need for overly complex scene transitions.

Want To See More?

Take a look at the complete project via the creator’s website here.

75 Years Of Tide - Pins

CCA - Animation 4

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