Cannes Do Will Do.

It’s that time of year again, so sit back and enjoy my annual exploration of “let’s see what everyone else is doing”. Naturally, part of this exercise includes seeing what award-winning campaigns are out there; however, with Cannes Lions’ new subscription model for viewing content, it’s been quite a process to find each of these campaigns online.

However, paywalls aside, here are some of my favourites from the Cannes Lions 2022 Pharma and Health content.

1. I Will Always Be Me.

Here we have a unique book that helps people living with motor neurone disease (MND) to keep their voices – by reading a story that helps explain what they’re going through. First, the people read through the book’s verses, capturing their voice print and then generating a digital voice that sounds like them. Later they can use this book when their voice starts to disappear due to the disease.

Take a look at the fantastic project here or view the Youtube video below.

2. Letters For A Law.

Medical marijuana is illegal in some countries; however, to demonstrate the importance of medical marijuana for patients with Parkinson’s, the campaign asked patients to write a letter to their authorities before and after consuming the medical treatment.

3. Now You Know.

Abbott Laboratories hired Anomaly New York to develop this splendid campaign for diabetes monitor FreeStyle Libre. It ticks all the boxes – imagination, humour, medical advice and a convincing argument – while seizing your full attention for the whole wild 90-second ride.

Hey Big Pharma, more like this, please!

4. The Big Sneeze.

The cinema experience, which can be seen below, had a child break the fourth wall by sneezing on-screen in conjunction with water vapour sprayed onto the unsuspecting audience.

5. Toxic Influence.

In Toxic Influence, mothers and their daughters confront toxic beauty advice on social media and how it’s become normalized for many girls worldwide. Of course, you wouldn’t give your daughter toxic beauty advice, but she could be hearing it online. Every. Single. Day.

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