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We’re the Good Ideas Group, an award-winning healthcare specialist creative agency.

We create remarkable but responsible, creative healthcare content.

Whether it’s a website, design or video campaign, we know what will fly and what won’t in the highly regulated but intensely competitive world of healthcare marketing. The healthcare sector must take particular care to act responsibly, but we don’t believe that means it must be boring. On the contrary, we love making it personal, connecting the brands to the lives they change.

If you need a good idea, get in touch.

But wait; here’s the USP… We come with healthcare smarts preinstalled.

Our people are proud to work on campaigns and content that can change lives.

  • Tim

    Managing Director

    Having built an in-house creative team from scratch to 21 people, Tim started over as his own boss and GIG was born. 8 years later it’s alive and kicking. If you’ve been a part of that, many thanks.

  • Ade


    It’s been the “year of video” for four years now, which makes Ade as popular as ever. Since last you asked, Ade’s developed a keenness for live action projects; all the 3D, none of the rendering.

  • Aidan

    Design Director

    Our resident Mancunian, Aidan is a stickler for details, a font of technical knowledge and is always making sure our design looks the part. When he’s not obsessing over the little things, he’s taking long walks with his dog, Ludo.

  • Andrei


    Andrei is an animator who loves mashing up styles and textures, so you know you’ll never get the same work twice from him. In a good way.

  • Art

    Producer/ Director

    Part Russian, Part Greek, All American Footballer, Art’s an ideas guy with momentum. He’s passionate about video in all shapes and sizes, and is (we think) the only Video Director in London with a PhD in Endocrinology.

  • Bonnie

    Account Manager

    Bonnie joins the GIG team as a dedicated Account Manager.

    When she’s not flicking through her endless collection of Science Focus magazines, Bonnie can be found playing the violin or teaching tap dancing (she’s qualified if anyone wants lessons). ⁠

  • Dan


    Dan’s a passionate illustrator at work and at play, giving our video team a left-field perspective that clients keep coming back for. He’s not the noisiest soul, but when he speaks, people listen. If they can hear him.

  • Ed


    Ed is our Marketing Manager and resident tropical plant hoarder.

    When he’s not busy ⁠tending to his jungle room (office), he can be found chatting to his two cats, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or daydreaming about moving to the countryside (there shall be ducks, goats, a donkey, chickens et al).

  • Gianinna

    Graphic Designer

    After spending lockdown adding the perfect sourdough pizza to her résumé, Gianinna joins the GIG Design Team as a graphic designer.⁠

    ⁠Having previously worked for various agencies, including AMSBIO Life Sciences, she’s happy to dust off the flour and sink her teeth into our digital design offerings.⁠

    ⁠When not perfecting pizzas, she can be found hooked on any good murder documentaries she can find. ⁠

    ⁠Just make sure you don’t suggest cream comes first on a scone or Earl Grey isn’t a superior tea; otherwise, there may be another show being commissioned.⁠

  • Isla

    Graphic Designer

    A recent graduate from the illustrious Cambridge School of Art, Isla joins the Design Team ready to hit the ground running. ⁠

    ⁠When she’s not infinitely scrolling through Pinterest or enjoying Latin music with her two cats, we can find Isla chomping at the bit for the food markets to open again. The Korean food stalls aren’t going to know what’s hit them! ⁠

    ⁠Isla also joins GIG as our first fully vaccinated staff member after volunteering at a COVID testing centre in Tunbridge Wells, during her gap year. So let’s raise a glass and say thanks to Isla for giving up this time when I’m sure a beach in Bali would have been a far more enjoyable time.

  • Jake

    Video Editor

    To kick things off, we have Jake, who joins the Video Team as our new Live-Action Film Editor. It’s safe to say that Jake has already spent a lifetime working in TV and Film, kick-started by a starring role in EastEnders at the grand age of two. We can only assume he gave the Mitchell brothers a run for their money.⁠

    ⁠Whether it was at the BBC or running his own film production company, Jake’s ambition and motivation are only surpassed by his love for cat ‘Pickle’ or the hatred he holds for mushrooms.⁠

  • James D


    James is an animator with a particular interest in beautiful illustration and character design. He’s at home in 2D and 3D alike, and loves to be involved at all stages from brainstorm to upload.

  • James N

    Digital Director

    James leads the digital offering at GIG, but he’s no jargon-spouter. Design is his passion, but knowing code makes his life much simpler and our offering more complete. Since James joined, GIG has been 20% more easygoing. Fact.

  • Jana

    Junior Developer

    Jana previously worked in the events industry before deciding on a career transformation, teaching herself to code during the pandemic before putting her skills to the test in the real world.

    When she’s not deep in the world of PHP or JavaScript, Jana can be found putting that creative energy into enjoying either ballroom dancing or knitting up a storm.

    If there are any socks in this year’s secret Santa, we’re pretty sure who they’ll be from.

  • Jon

    Art Director

    Jon heads up our Design team, and has been CEO of our North American Bureau (population: 1) since moving to Canada in September 2015. People who work with Jon remember it. Try him and see.

  • Nicole


    Nicole is one of our talented illustrators and animators.⁠

    When she isn’t creating beautiful work, she can be found watching Moomins, anything to do with aliens or going weak at the knees over baby ducks. Who can blame her for that last one!⁠

  • Rob


    Rob joining GIG officially signalled the birth of the digital team.

    You will often see him wearing brightly coloured shorts and snazzy T-shirts, which he accessorises with his equally brightly-coloured code. ⁠

  • Robin

    Creative Director

    With 15 years of experience across broadcast, corporate television and video production, Robin brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that we’re already putting to good use. When he’s not working, Robin can be seen enjoying travel (remember that?), movies, books and sports, with his favourite football team being Liverpool FC. However, please don’t hold that against him too much.

  • Roman

    Project Manager

    Roman is GIG’s Project Manager; he keeps our projects ticking over and our traffic flowing. In that capacity he’s one of our front-of-house team, so you probably already know his name… at least the easy half of it.

  • Salena

    Project Manager

    Salena used to be a qualitative insight professional which sparked her interest in the power of video. One quick career change later, Salena specialises in end-to-end management of live action and animation projects, with a wealth of experience in a broad range of industry sectors.

  • Stephen

    Graphic Designer

    From the sunny South Coast, Stephen’s a dark horse with a bright eye for colourful designs. We’ve yet to discover anything capable of breaking his legendary calmness… and this is a man who commutes from Brighton every day.

  • Tam


    When she’s not spinning plates, Tam can be found halfway up a mountain, either climbing it or hiking it. You’ll know when she’s mountain-bound as every step of the way will be heavily documented in an Instagram story.

    If you thought voluntarily hanging from a mountain by a rope was mad enough, you should see Tam’s obsession with keeping her workspace neat and tidy. It’s safe to say that we’ve never seen anyone eat crisps with chopsticks, a spoon and a bowl.

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