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We’re the Good Ideas Group (or GIG to our friends), a healthcare-specialist creative agency; creating original video, digital and print campaign concepts that can turn heads and change minds. We believe health is serious, but people are people. That’s why our passion is creating work that brings energy and personality to any brief.

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We work in any media, with any story, to help people feel better.

At GIG we believe there’s nothing on earth a good idea can’t improve.

GIG Team
  • Illustration of Tim


    Managing Director

    Having built an in-house creative team from scratch to 17 people, Tim started over as his own boss and GIG was born. 5 years later it’s live and kicking. If you’ve been a part of that, many thanks.

  • Illustration of Ade



    It’s been the “year of video” for four years now, which makes Ade as popular as ever. Since last you asked, Ade’s developed a keenness for live action projects; all the 3D, none of the rendering.

  • Illustration of Aidan


    Graphic Designer

    Always on-trend, Aidan’s a seasoned designer with a specialty in branding who’s interested in bringing the world around him into his work. Especially if those things originated from the North.

  • Illustration of Andrei



    Andrei is an animator who loves mashing up styles and textures, so you know you’ll never get the same work twice from him. In a good way.

  • Illustration of Art


    Producer/ Director

    Part Russian, Part Greek, All American Footballer, Art’s an ideas guy with momentum. He’s passionate about video in all shapes and sizes, and is (we think) the only Video Director in London with a PhD in Endocrinology.

  • Illustration of Dan



    Dan’s a passionate illustrator at work and at play, giving our video team a left-field perspective that clients keep coming back for. He’s not the noisiest soul, but when he speaks, people listen. If they can hear him.

  • Illustration of Ed



    Ed is our Marketing Manager and resident tropical plant hoarder.

    When he’s not busy ⁠tending to his jungle room (office), he can be found chatting to his two cats, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or daydreaming about moving to the countryside (there shall be ducks, goats, a donkey, chickens et al).

  • Illustration of James D

    James D


    James is an animator with a particular interest in beautiful illustration and character design. He’s at home in 2D and 3D alike, and loves to be involved at all stages from brainstorm to upload.

  • Illustration of James N

    James N

    Digital Lead

    James leads the digital offering at GIG, but he’s no jargon-spouter. Design is his passion, but knowing code makes his life much simpler and our offering more complete. Since James joined, GIG has been 20% more easygoing. Fact.

  • Illustration of Jon


    Art Director

    Jon heads up our Design team, and has been CEO of our North American Bureau (population: 1) since moving to Canada in September 2015. People who work with Jon remember it. Try him and see.

  • Illustration of Lizzi


    Graphic Designer

    Lizzi was an intern at GIG for about ten minutes before we decided to welcome her on board as a full designer. Years of publishing – and editing – her student magazine single handedly has given her a keen eye for detail as well as a canny sense of what looks good where.

  • Illustration of Nicole



    Nicole is one of our talented illustrators and animators.⁠

    When she isn’t creating beautiful work, she can be found watching Moomins, anything to do with aliens or going weak at the knees over baby ducks. Who can blame her for that last one!⁠

  • Illustration of Peter


    Video Editor

    Peter is one of GIG’s newest additions, bringing his passion for art and philosophy to the video team. ⁠

    He is…⁠ 45% video editor,⁠ 35% rocker with a blues soul, an electronic mind and a metal heart⁠, 15% gym addict⁠, 10% weizen beer and pool lover⁠, 100% Joker⁠

  • Illustration of Rob



    Rob joining GIG officially signalled the birth of the digital team.

    You will often see him wearing brightly coloured shorts and snazzy T-shirts, which he accessorises with his equally brightly-coloured code. ⁠

  • Illustration of Roman


    Project Manager

    Roman is GIG’s Project Manager; he keeps our projects ticking over and our traffic flowing. In that capacity he’s one of our front-of-house team, so you probably already know his name… at least the easy half of it.

  • Illustration of Salena


    Project Manager

    Salena used to be a qualitative insight professional which sparked her interest in the power of video. One quick career change later, Salena specialises in end-to-end management of live action and animation projects, with a wealth of experience in a broad range of industry sectors.

  • Illustration of Stephen


    Graphic Designer

    From the sunny South Coast, Stephen’s a dark horse with a bright eye for colourful designs. We’ve yet to discover anything capable of breaking his legendary calmness… and this is a man who commutes from Brighton every day.

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