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COMPASS Pathways approached us to reinvent how they publicise key information within their 2020 Annual Review.

Whether financial highlights, commitments to mental health care or pipeline and partnership stories, it was paramount to make this information almost feel tangible.

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Meet The Client

COMPASS Pathways is a mental health care company dedicated to accelerating patient access to evidence-based innovation in mental health. They want to transform the patient experience by finding better ways to support and empower people suffering from poor mental health.

The Challenge

Building on the strengths of COMPASS Pathways’ 2020 Annual Review, it was vital that brevity and interactivity were paramount. This was the perfect opportunity for our Digital Team to work their interaction design magic. It also allowed the video team to flex their post-pandemic filming muscles, expanding and improving on the pandemic Zoom videos of the previous Annual Review.

Amy Lawrence, Director of Communications at COMPASS Pathways, explains the further need for interactive content.

Challenge Quote - Amy Lawrence

Following the success of last year’s Annual Review, we wanted to expand on the interactive elements previously seen. Our stakeholders and key collaborators spend lots of time disseminating complex information, so the more we’re able to present key business information in a concise and exciting manner, the better.

The Solution

Hand-drawn illustrations.

We incorporate emotive, hand-drawn illustrations for key sections of the Annual Review, negating the need for emotionless stock footage and eliminating issues where photography may not always be a viable option. This helped better portray the brand values of COMPASS Pathways and allowed them to repurpose and reuse these assets for their main website, further print projects and social media channels.

Interaction Design

Between a tight turnaround time and ever-evolving content, it was vital that our client was able to add new sections of information easily, quickly and with minimal fuss. A solution to this was to create standardised templates for each type of content that the client provided. Whether it was new clinical trial data or video content from key members of the team, we had pre-built building blocks that the content could be dropped into. This not only provided a quick turnaround in development time but ensured that the content was standardised throughout the entire annual review.


Post-pandemic live-action filming.

With the world opening up and live-action filming becoming more of a viable solution for our clients, we jumped at the chance to send a film crew to COMPASS Pathways’ HQ. Not only was this a chance for us to swerve Zoom-based video content, but also gave us the ability to sit down with key team members and create content with a more emotional connection.

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