Blood Cancer GIFs

A collection of fun but useful GIFs to support patients and HCPs during Blood Cancer Awareness month.

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To support blood cancer awareness month, we created a series of fun GIFs that featured advice for people living with blood cancers.

Blood Cancer - Main Banner


In order to have an engaging yet global appeal, we created abstract characters that functioned as liquid containers.

Blood Cancer - Characters SketchBlood Cancer - Characters


Each GIF needed to instantly grab attention. We used complementary, vibrant colours to help each character stand out against the backgrounds.

Blood Cancer - Styleframe 1

Blood Cancer - Styleframe 2


Pencil sketches were used to quickly visualise how each scene could communicate each key messages/advice.

Blood Cancer - Storyboard


We developed full character rigs to enable full interaction with the environment. SpringyFX was used for the liquid physics.


Blood Cancer - Animation 2Blood Cancer - Animation 3

Blood Cancer - Animation 1Blood Cancer - Animation 4

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