COMPASS Pathways

Mental health care company COMPASS Pathways approached us to create a website that reflected their compassionate, bold, rigorous and inclusive values.

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Website UX & UI

With their original website growing beyond its initial scope, navigation became a significant concern for the client.

User experience was also paramount, so we analysed all the existing content and segmented it into easily digestible pages.

These pages were then designed with a content-first approach to maximise clarity and on-screen time.

As compassion, trust, innovation and collaboration were our client’s key ethos, we were delighted to provide them with a website that was easy to navigate and had the foundation for future growth.

What Our Client Said

GIG is an extremely creative, smart team with a can-do attitude. They designed an inspiring website for us that represents our company well.

At every step of the process, they gave us insightful, creative and practical advice – I recommend working with GIG on any of your projects

Amy Lawrence

Director of Communications / COMPASS Pathways


Brand Evolution

Mental Health is evidently about communication, engagement and opening up channels that were previously taboo. We wanted to move away from this well-trodden path.

The images are powerful and thought-provoking, drawing users in and creating an immediate connection to the content.

A Personal Tone

Millions of people are affected by Mental Health across the globe, so the tone was vital to the site’s content. To ensure it felt open and accessible to all, we refreshed and re-energised the copy, providing a continuous tone throughout.

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