COMPASS Pathways Annual Review

COMPASS Pathways approached us to design their 2020 Annual Review. We decided to break the mould with this interactive edition, fulfilling our promise to ‘make it better’.

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The Background

Let’s face it; annual reviews can be a little dull at the best of times. Even the most business-minded person would concede that corporate reviews aren’t renowned for their jaw-dropping content. This meant we needed to break the mould.

The Problem

A couple of significant flaws in existing PDF-based reporting reduce both the total readership and engagement quality.

Firstly the audience needs to download your document manually. Does their device support it? Is it optimised to their screen size? Will it take a lifetime to download?

Even one of these factors could severely hinder the efficacy of your materials.

COMPASS Pathways - Annual Review - Paperwork

GIG Annual Review - Intro Pic

You’ll have a hard time listing an entire timeline of your business highlights whilst expecting the reader to make it to the end.

The Solution

By their very own nature, annual reviews will evolve with each year they’re published. We felt it vital to provide the client with a flexible and scalable solution, fully integrated into their existing CMS, ready to be populated with the latest content each year.

To negate the pitfalls of PDFs, as discussed earlier, we ensured the ‘digital review’ was light on animation; whilst minimising the load time of all assets.

Below are just a few examples of the engaging content that we created for COMPASS Pathways. Keep scrolling for more, or view the live review here.

COMPASS Pathways - Annual Review - The Solution

Fullscreen Engaging Visuals

COMPASS Pathways - Annual Review - Engaging Imagery

Interactive Timeline

One of the most eye-catching areas of the review was the interactive timeline of COMPASS Pathways’ business highlights. This allowed us to fit a potentially endless amount of scrolling content into one screen; something that would have taken up many a page within a PDF.

COMPASS Pathways - Annual Review - Interactive Timeline

Video Messages

In a conventional print-based medium, the addition of meaningful, engaging video content would simply not be possible. We were able to embed Vimeo and Youtube content into the review to deliver messages that need a more personal touch.

COMPASS Pathways - Annual Review - Video Messages

Modal Content

Another effective tool was modal content, which allowed us to display an immense amount of content on-demand. Not only does this add a level of engagement to the review, but it also helps create a clean and clear layout.

COMPASS Pathways - Annual Review - Modal Content

Client Testimonial

“We are delighted with our annual review, which reflects GIG’s creativity and practicality. It was delivered in a short timeframe and with GIG’s usual calm and expert guidance. It really is a pleasure to work with them.”

Tracy Cheung – Chief Communications Officer, COMPAS Pathways.

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