The Burden of Heart Failure

We were tasked with developing a video that would create an emotional response from HCPs towards Heart Failure patients.

In turn the goal was to develop a strong connection, inspiring them to consult with these patients more proactively and promptly.


Create an animation that charts the regression of a person with heart failure over time, and communicate the avoidability of this path.


Cast of characters supporting the protagonist on his journey. The illustration complexity increases as we get closer to each character

Burden of Heart Failure - Characters


A collection of original frames exploring colours and art direction. A more vibrant and positive colour palette was chosen for the animation.

Burden of Heart Failure - Styleframes


Every scene was planned with pencil sketches, with a focus on creating seamless transitions between the different phases of the character’s life.

Burden of Heart Failure - Storyboard


We combined frame-by-frame animation with character rigs, using live-action video as references for the movement


Burden of Heart Failure - Animation 1

Burden of Heart Failure - Animation 2

Burden of Heart Failure - Animation 3Burden of Heart Failure - Animation 4

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