What Women Want

We created an animation to tackle the taboo of women across the globe openly discussing their menstrual cycles.


What Women Want is a charming animation where women confide their attitudes on menstrual cycles in front of their bathroom mirror.

What Women Want - Thumbnail


The characters needed to have a charming and global appeal. Our design process took several steps to arrive at the right balance.

What Women Want - Characters

Final Designs

The final designs used vibrant colours and included features that could place the characters in any corner of the world.


What Women Want - Final Characters 1

What Women Want - Final Characters 2


Starting with simple pencil sketches, we outlined how each scene could integrate key survey findings into the environments.

What Women Want - Sketches 1

We then designed each frame of the animation in full colour, exploring all the necessary details, such as key stats and quotes.

What Women Want - Sketches 2


We developed full facial rigs to inject the much needed personality to each character. Foreground elements were added to further sell the ‘point-of-view’ aspect of the concept.


What Women Want - Animation 1

What Women Want - Animation 2

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