Electric Men – What’s Your Style?

What’s YOUR style? We’re proud to present our collective contribution to the Movember cause!


We hand-painted over 500 individual frames to create this “electric” animation, inspired by ‘Electric Man’ by Rival Sons.

Movember - Thumbnail


As always, good reference footage is key. We started by filming a wide range of exaggerated facial poses that in time would be turned into the main animations.

Movember - Production 1

Movember - Production 2 Movember - Production 5

Movember - Production 3 Movember - Production 4


Using still frames from our footage, we developed a range of stylised sketches to cover all aspects of the referenced faces. We also created a vibrant palette to match the ‘electric’ theme.

Movember - Illustrations


Movember - Illustrations 2

Design Development

To support the main animation, we also created a range of still images to use across our social media channels; driving more attention to this great cause.

Movember - Design Development

Movember - Final Style 4 Movember - Final Style 2

Movember - Final Style 3 Movember - Final Style 1

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