For a long while, I’ve been chomping at the bit to do some cel animation, so that’s the focus of my third ‘Discovery Time’.

I recently found two great cel animators called ‘Remus & Kiki’

A lot of their work is cel with fast movements, great transitions with phenomenal composition and layout. Their videos felt like a breath of fresh air and really inspired me to get back into this animation style, especially when looking at the below examples.

The Storyboard

Although it’s been a long time since I was commuting into the office, for this animation, I wanted to imagine how we all feel when crammed onto public transport, especially in rush hour. I think we’ve all had too many experiences of involuntarily getting a little too close for comfort during those busy tube journeys.

Discovery Time #6: Storyboard 01

Discovery Time #6: Storyboard 02

Discovery Time #6: Storyboard 03

Discovery Time #6: Storyboard 04

Discovery Time #6: Storyboard 05

Discovery Time #6: Storyboard 06

Discovery Time #6: Storyboard 07

The Animatic

The next stage was to create a quick animatic scene to plot the timings and speed of movement accurately.

Definition: An animatic is defined as a series of images played in sequence, often with a soundtrack. In essence, it’s an animated storyboard.

Discovery Time #6: Animatic

The Final Result

Once I had the animatic sorted, it was easier to add more in-betweens, such as eye movements and little tweaks that sell the concept that bit more.


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