For my Discovery Time, I decided to focus on interesting vectorized cel-animated layers for a repeating GIF.

I have taken heavy inspiration from this great tutorial:

Here is my rough process throughout the day.

I spent around 30 minutes this morning looking for various styles. My thoughts at the time being “I want something simple”. I settled on just that; flat graphics, simple colours minimal to no shading:

Discovery Time #1: Inspiration

The Initial Stages

This was followed by 2 to 3 hours (leading into the afternoon) cel animating roughly, then going over the more important details neatly, which resulted in this.

Discovery Time #1: Initial Sketches

The Final Result

I then took these frames directly into After Effects, laying out vector shape layers over the top of the drawn frames. Colour was added, and a repeating loop which resulted in the final product.

Discovery Time #1: Final Render

Further Work

There are of course more things I would like to have done with this project, but I felt keeping a close eye on the time and knowing what to include was decisive to achieving this within a day.

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