If you don’t move forward, you begin to move backward.

We’re pretty sure that Gorbachev wasn’t referring to healthcare comms when he uttered these immortal words, however he’s got a point.

If you work in any manner of communications, you are often tasked with the difficult and sometimes impossible task of engaging your audience with uncomfortable content. Now that is something that Gorbachev would agree with you on.

Although not nuclear disarmament, healthcare comms can sometimes feel as much of a struggle. This is especially exacerbated when you need to get your message across accurately, in an engaging manner, but are limited to conventional means.

Sensitive messages in healthcare comms.

One of the trickiest tasks is portraying information to relatives or caregivers who are also at the spearhead of dealing with health conditions. For every patient, there are many others – family, friends and colleagues – who are seriously affected.

This is where a different tack is required and animated content is key.


Here we’re met with the mammoth task of communicating vital information to a caregiver. Specifically what is to be expected as a caregiver for someone with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).

In each scene, the subjects are ghosted by images of lungs in various stages of the disease. This is a huge visual reminder of the mental burden that being a carer has taken and will continue to do in the future. It goes without saying that connecting with your subjects in such an emotional manner would be neigh on impossible with standard written or print media.

How can animation help get a message across?

As well as providing viewers with more engaging content, there are also huge benefits for you and your team in achieving your own objectives. If your content is suitable for the public domain, you’re also going to benefit from search engines and social media networks increasingly putting video first.

The wider your content reaches, the more your material reinforces your expertise and keeps you in front of your competitors; potentially further developing a loyal following. So if you’re struggling to get your message across, we urge you and your team to tear down the wall of static and lifeless content and help breathe life into your next project.

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