A Living Monument

Stonewall Forever is a living monument to 50 years of Pride. Anyone, anywhere, can explore the monument online or in augmented reality and add their own piece to this ever-growing story. It’s a beautiful combination of Digital, 3D and Video content, serving as a ‘living monument’ to LGBTQ+ history in the US.

Stonewall Forever - Intro Screen

Personal Stories

The Stonewall Forever interactive monument holds archived material such as photos, letters, oral histories and a documentary featuring activists past and present. In addition, visitors can contribute content or upload their own Stonewall memories or experiences inspired by the uprising.

Stonewall Forever - Amplified Voices

Amplified Voices

There’s definitely something more profound here about Digital work being able to amplify voices that had to shout, shout and shout just 50 years ago to even be heard a little. Whereas now we can make our own websites and push our own stories to the forefront.

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Take a look at the full project here.

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