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Unilabs, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of clinical laboratory testing, tasked us with ensuring their brand guidelines were accessible to all staff.

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What is a brand book?

All companies have a brand, whether it’s evolved over time or consciously constructed at the birth of the business. At their core, a handbook or ‘brand guidelines’ dictate how specific elements of the company should be used within a marketing strategy, enabling employees to stay on brand.

These include but are not limited to:

  • The correct use of fonts in marketing materials.
  • Logo placement, specifically the correct colours, sizes and alternative options.
  • Colour palettes for digital or print media.
  • The tone of voice throughout internal or external communications.
  • Approved images.

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“We’re too busy for that!”

Employees all over the globe often bypass a company’s brand guidelines for various reasons, some genuine and some not so. Reasons include not finding the latest version, a perceived lack of time, or simply not knowing the guidelines exist. Working with Unilabs, we created a “most requested downloads” section, allowing popular documents to be front and centre of the portal, giving fewer excuses for staff not following brand guidelines.

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Quick links

Another key feature was the visual cues within the quick links menu. The use of image thumbnails far outweighs a dull and unengaging list of text, giving staff quick and easy pointers to the content they require.

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A quality onboarding process is vital in retaining and nurturing a talented workforce. Having engaging and exciting brand guidelines can help to let new staff know the kind of business they’re joining. Benefits also include:

  • Allowing staff to understand what makes your business unique.
  • Making sure staff know how their roles help fulfil the company’s mission.
  • Help turn your employees into brand champions.

Unilabs Brandbook Onboarding

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