Shot over just one day and requiring a huge amount of coordination, we were tasked with creating a series of product demo videos for Kaleido’s insulin pump range.

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Image of Kaleido

A Splash of Colour

Since Kaleido’s insulin pump is available in many colours, it was important for us to coordinate every aspect of the video’s palette well in advance. Whether it was the card’s colour, the sets, outfits or even the shade of lipstick used, everything needed to compliment the client’s branding.

Kaleido - Palette

Kaleido - Divider R

The Storyboard

Given the limited timeframe for shooting, we had to ensure retakes were kept to an absolute minimum. Below is just one of the many storyboards created to keep track of what needed shooting and gave the client a clear idea of exactly what to expect.


Kaleido - Storyboards

Setting the Scene

Before filming commenced, we developed a series of 3D renders of each scene. This gave the client full transparency regarding deliverables and helped provide cutting and folding instructions for the film team.

Kaleido - C4D Orange

Kaleido - C4D Pink

Kaleido - C4D Purple

Kaleido - C4D Blue

Kaleido - C4D Orange Render

Kaleido - C4D Pink Render

Kaleido - C4D Purple Render

Kaleido - C4D Blue Render

Kaleido - Divider R

Kaleido - Card OrangeKaleido - Card Pink

Getting Crafty

After more time than we’d care to admit hunting down the correct card colours, it was time to turn our 3D models into reality. This meant becoming Origami experts overnight, with multiple card shades to portray highlight and shadow detail effectively.

Kaleido - Card PurpleKaleido - Card Blue

Green Screen

We filmed all the live-action content against a green screen backdrop to give us as much flexibility as possible in post-production.

Given that the colour palette had already been chosen for each scene, this negated the need to search high and low for unique backdrops.

Kaleido - Green Screen 1

Kaleido - Green Screen 2

Kaleido - Divider R

Behind The Scenes

We’re all about serious fun here. Just because healthcare is serious doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves on set.

Kaleido - BTS 1

Kaleido - BTS 2

And Finally…

Now you’ve seen just a small glimpse of our creative process; it’s time to sit back with a cuppa and enjoy the videos in all their glory.

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