Barts Life Sciences

A new partnership between Barts Health NHS Trust and Queen Mary University of London, supported by Barts Charity to help accelerate the latest healthcare innovations

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Inspired By Diversity

Set to a backdrop of Whitechapel, one of the most diverse populations in Europe, we had to ensure that the website reflected the client’s core values of multicultural collaboration.

The site is also accented with bright, vibrant hero images of people from all corners of the Earth, working together in the East End of London for the better of everyone.


Multi-Lingual Support

Another pivotal feature is the fact that the site can be viewed in 11 different languages, allowing for even more of a global reach.

Website in Motion

From parallax backgrounds to text transitions, the Barts Life Sciences site is full of subtle movement. We wanted to consistently reinforce a kinetic and flowing experience, a metaphor for our client’s commitment to innovation.

The Colour Palette

The East London setting along with the vibrant colour palette, as seen in the local area, sets the tone for the entire website.

Across the entire Digital Team, it was refreshing to be able to include such a vibrant colour scheme into such a site.

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