Simple In Its Execution

Quite simply, it’s beautifully designed and quite modest in its execution. There’s nothing overly complex going on here, which is the point of sharing. Making better videos isn’t about coming up with crazy new techniques for achieving complex animation. Sometimes it’s just about designing well.

Stuff We Love - Medical Writers 01

It’s The Little Details

We love complex and eyewateringly (yep, it’s a word) good animation as much as the next digital agency, but there’s also a time for keeping it simple.

The animators have introduced small details such as the bounce of the male character’s body (right) to avoid the scene looking too dull and lifeless. Little touches like this help keep the flow of the video moving forward and prevent scenes from looking too stiff or lifeless.

This is a great tip for simple scenes that need an injection of energy but are held accountable to a mid-level budget.

Stuff We Love - Medical Writers GIF 02

Stuff We Love - Medical Writers GIF 01

Stuff We Love - Medical Writers GIF 03

Want To See More?

Take a look at the full Behance breakdown of the project via the creator’s profile here.

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