AI-powered chatbots.

In short, an AI-powered chatbot is an even more intelligent version of the chatbot found on our GIG website. It can better understand the audience’s intent and create a more human-like experience through natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML).

How can AI chatbots help?

  • Reduced need for dedicated support staff.
  • Companies can utilise this tech to provide 24/7 access to expert knowledge.
  • Bots hone their problem-solving skills and improve the customer experience automatically.

Read more here regarding how chatbots can be used to aid education and teaching.

AI Powered Chatbots

Single Page Applications

SPA (single-page applications).

SPA’s are web applications that load a single HTML page into a visitor’s browser, dynamically updating content without refreshing.

What are the benefits of SPAs?

  • A significant boost in page speed as there’s no need to wait for client-server communication.
  • SERP uptick due to faster load times.
  • Superior user experience compared to traditional websites.

Examples of SPAs include sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Netflix, but you can read more about them here.

Voice search optimisation.

Voice search optimisation can be simply described as the process of optimising websites to work effectively with voice search, such as you’d find on a smart speaker.

How can VSO help my website?

  • 71% of people own a smart speaker, so get ahead of the curve and start optimising now to differentiate your company.
  • Utilise the transactional intent of your healthcare audience.
  • Compared to conversational users, these users are action-oriented and want quick answers via voice search.

Voice Search Optimisation

Web Assembly


WebAssembly is a new type of code that can be run in modern web browsers and provides new features and significant gains in performance. 

With enormous implications for the web platform — it provides a way to run code written in multiple languages, on the web, at near-native speed, with client apps running on the web that previously couldn’t have done so.

Benefits for your digital team

  • High performance and small file sizes
  • No need to learn a new programming language
  • C, C++ and Rust can now all be used to program web applications
  • Supported by all of the major browser manufacturers

Read more here about how Web Assembly could be utilised by your web development team.

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