GIG COVID Safe Filming Guide

It's safe to say that running a successful video shoot, during a pandemic, looks very different from what we've come to expect.

The video production industry faces major changes in order to adapt to what has become the new normal.

There are a plethora of new safety precautions required to not only make it safe for the cast and crew but depending on the location, also to adhere to new laws and regulations.

Having run a series of successful productions since the lifting of national lockdown, we’ve put together this handy guide to provide an insight into what you can expect and avoid any potential COVID related pitfalls.


COVID Safety Tape

Remote Auditions

With travel and distancing restrictions in place, finding the right cast for your production initially looked like a real headache. However, video tech companies such as Zoom have come to the forefront of everyday life since the Corona Virus pandemic began. It’s now easier than ever to run remote auditions for your desired roles, from the home or office.

Remote COVID Auditions

Limiting Your Crew

The rise of online video conference services also means that you can limit your crew to only the most essential staff. It’s safe to say that you don’t need five clients in the room when feedback and direction can be provided in real-time from an office or even on the move.

It’s worth noting that video calls will need to be meticulously planned to avoid unnecessary delays in the shooting schedule.

COVID Safety Tape

Appoint A COVID Officer

Appoint a COVID Safety Officer

This team member’s primary responsibility is to watch for all physical contact between cast members and within the crew.

They’ll need to warn everyone on set when they have put themselves at risk, or could potentially see a risk happening in the near future.

They’re also solely responsible for the distribution of PPE, santiser and ensuring the set has clear COVID relevant signage.

Ahead of the shoot, every attendee will need to also sign a ‘health declaration form’ in-line with the latest APA COVID shooting guidelines. This officially declares them fit and well to be on-site.

Please note: The required signage for hand sanitiser stations, bathrooms and social distancing instructions can be found here.

COVID Safety Tape

Utilise Social Bubbles

As COVID social distancing measures are in place, it can make it very difficult to convey certain healthcare stories that require actors to touch in a meaningful way. To negate this, we embraced the challenge and found actors from the same household or social bubble.

When casting the roles of a parent and child, or two friends who shared a warm hug, we found the real deal – all under the same roof or social bubble.

Utilise COVID Social Bubble

COVID Safety Tape

COVID Mask Foggy Glasses GIF

Face Coverings

You must make sure that all crew members wear PPE. This is to ensure the safety of the cast/actors who are not able to during each scene.

Feeling The Heat

Everyone should expect one or more temperature checks throughout the day. One always takes place before shooting, and subsequent checks can be made as per your COVID Officer’s preference. Make sure you factor these checks into your schedule, as this process (depending on the number of cast and crew) can take longer than expected.

Phone Ahead

Check with venues in advance as to whether they have their own precautions or procedures that the cast and crew will be expected to following when on location.

COVID Safety Tape

2M COVID Social Distancing - Left

Social Distancing On Set

It’s not only the cast’s marks that will need to be marked on the floor. You will need to prepare your set with social distancing measures, depending on the rules and regulations at the time of your shoot.

Reduce Touching Points

Go paperless. Don’t print out the filming schedule when everyone has it on smartphones, laptops and tablets. It’s also vital to avoid sharing microphones and video equipment; so factor that into your kit list.

COVID Safety Tape

Sanitise Your Kit

Every piece of equipment that will be used on your shoot will need to be vigorously sanitised at the beginning of the day.

With careful planning from your COVID Officer, this will become natural – even when it’s required more than once during your day’s filming.

Clean Your Filming Equipment

COVID Safety Tape

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