Unilabs We CARE BIG

Creating a distinct culture within the business.
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Our client Unilabs – a Swiss-owned diagnostics business working across three continents – wanted to create a distinct culture within the business, whilst lifting the lid on the diagnostic process for those outside, revealing the people inside the ‘mystery box’.

They came to us with a Mission, Motto and Mantra they had already defined, which was a great start.
Their briefs to us; what does it look like, and how do we launch it?

What we did:

Branding Art Direction Website Design

Create the Brand

Bold, Simple, People-based, International, Authentic, Informal
Unilabs – We CARE BIG
The Good Ideas Group Unilabs

Embed it into Unilabs' Culture

Using the four ‘Culture Building Behaviours’ underpinning the CARE BIG promise
Unilabs – We CARE BIG

Build a home –

A home for CARE BIG stories. Accessible to all. Ongoing updates.