Throughout 2020, renowned master of subtlety Noma Bar has been working in tandem with McCann and Mucinex to create a series of genuinely eye-catching visuals to encourage people to keep up social distancing and be mindful of the needs of others.

Stuff We Love #7 - Noma Bar

Clean and Clear.

Like all his work, these illustrations from Bar are both incredibly creative and expertly composed but never over-engineered. Minimal use of colour and delicate positioning of elements allows us to fill in the gaps with our imagination, using negative space to bring meaning to otherwise simplistic shapes.

Stuff We Love #7 - Be Boring. Be A Hero

Hiding in Plain Sight.

The joy of viewing Bar’s work for the first time is always in spotting the not-so-obvious.

Much like the way a good website will draw the user in by engaging them and holding their attention in some way, the pared-back typography here allows the illustrations to take centre stage and entices people to contemplate them on a deeper level. This makes the viewer feel like they’re involved in the story and rewards those who allow the design to play on their mind by surprising them with something unexpected.

Stuff We Love #7 - Miss Cruise Vacations

Stuff We Love #7 - Miss Coffee With Friends

Unexpected Extras.

We’re even treated to something a little extra with a series of GIFs for the ‘Be a Hero campaign’. While not in keeping with Bar’s usual style, these employ the same colourful, tongue-in-cheek aesthetic as the key visuals and help to reinforce what is at heart a serious message through the use of humour.

Stuff We Love #7 - Nap GIF

Stuff We Love #7 - Yawn GIF

Stuff We Love #7 - To The Couch GIF

Consistency is Key.

Both series stick to a set formula across their respective sets. While the tone shifts from a bright and colourful ‘Be a Hero’ series to a starker look of the ‘Back to Normal’ visuals, both are connected through low-key typography and emphasis on the visual. Consistently outstanding stuff!



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